Sunday, July 16, 2006

My First Ever Blog

16 July , 3:10 am London Time, 5:10 am Lebanon Time

ok cannot take it anymore
I need to scream...

here is my story , I am Lebanese and I moved to the UK almost 9 years ago to study
for my MA. I meet this French man , i fall in love and i pursue my MA and another PGdip and
i end up living here for 9 years after getting married to the same cute Frenchman


last week :

(july 5th)- 11 days ago :

**We decided to move to Lebanon
breaking news:
3:14 am london time: Israel bombs the bridge linking ouzai to the airport !!!


We packed all our belongings , planned the whole move , we let our flat in London and our ticket was to be yesterday saturday the 15th ...

WE ARE STILL IN BRITAIN !!! Packed ready to move home and


U R NOT GOING ANYWHERE , because there is nowhere u can land!!!!!!

how sad is what's happening in Beirut right now , right nownownow

i am watching lebanese channels who have set up cameras on rooftops and been filming all night the raids that Haret Hreik , now ouzai have endured all that terrible night

Lebanon's big brother :

the dawn is on tv in my hometown
and here i am in london feeling uselessssssss

3:22am : 4 people are wounded in the raid that hit beir el abed during the night

maybe this blog will get me breathing a bit ...arghhhhhhh

here are pics one from the tv one through my english window.

I am watching the sad morning starting in Beirut and still cannot sleep over here in london just having aches and feeling my heart is shattered ! i hate emotions and i hate how sometimes i feel it is too much ...

I took these pictures with my mobile phone to show u my situation at the moment :

this is beirut on TV , 5am on a summer beautiful morning , i can hear the roosters signalling a beautiful good morning , but alas! in the background they managed to ruin the landscape with their nasty painful bombs

and this is my reality now, london 3AM on a very very early morning , still dark , very quiet
but eery because the sound of the tv is projecting the noise of beirut aching....

I am in London , cannot sleep, worried , heart broken ...lost...

Lebanon .... hope you won't ache much more , your people will stand strong , and won't be broken... I want to go home....


Beyond a Reasonable Doubt said...

With all due respect, I'm not sure how you can blame this on Israel. Hizbollah brought it on itself. You kidnap IDF personnel, you get bombed. The equation is not surprising to anyone.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, we have every right to critisize Israeli's behaviour, killing over 100 civilains and just one Hizbullah miltant...

When you say "YOU kidnapped..." Please define YOU, of course its not the little boy who was killed today by one of your bombs...

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt said...

Hizbollah hides in civillian areas of Lebanon, trying to use the Lebanese people as human shields. The blame for civillian deaths should in no small measure fall upon Hizbollah.

In 2000, Israel left Lebanon completely, going behind the "blue line," which is the border of Lebanon as recognized by the UN. In the subsequent six years, Hizbollah has run rampant throughout Southern Lebanon, with the tacit approval and in some cases outright approval and assistance of the Lebanese government and people.

Israel let the rocket attacks slide. By all rights, it could have invaded Lebanon after any one of the attacks. Each rocket attack, fired by Hizbollah and not stopped or investiggated by Lebanon, was an act of war, casus belli. Nevertheless, Israel was patient and showed forebearance until the kidnapping of IDF personnel. Which is also an act of war.

Israel is not punishing the whole nation of Lebanon, as Lebanese suggests in her later post. Israel is attempting to punish Hizbollah. Of course, if Lebanese wants to equate Hizbollah with Lebanon, I'm not sure I'm inclined to disagree....

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt said...

Oh, and I should also note, anonymous, that it was a Hizbollah rocket that killed Yehudit Itzkovitch, 58, and Omer Pessahov, 7, grandmother and grandson. Just as it was Hizbollah rockets that killed 9 civillians and injured 36in Haifa this morning. None of whom were combatants, members of IDF, or what not. They were not killed in an attempt to go after combatants, either. They were deliberately targeted.

Who's the black hat?

Anonymous said...

hizbullah is to blame for all the fuss

Anonymous said...

israelis are to blame

Anonymous said...

the question is not who started this... the fact is Israel is leading a dispoportunate reaction. Israel is holding Lebanon captive now. Distroying Infrastucture and in the process killing civilians. as of Hizb using human shields is complete fabrication, for if they have, I would think more than one would have been killed. pls note the majority of the lebanese are holding Hizb responsible. for the last year the Lebanese have been trying to disarm Hizb. they were close in doing that...but time was not on their side as seen with the recent events.

A Pacifist said...

it is too late to blame hizbolla or anyone else ... the aggression of Israel has taken the region to darkness metaphorically and visually ... Lebanon is a hub for the start of a decent democratic country in the middle east and it was just recovering from the hariri blow to start then dealing with the hizbolla and other matters.

It seems that Lebanon's democracy the way it was heading is not the way america and israel thought it is the right one...

they want their democracy ....

Lebanon has ached for so many years , it needs to recover to get healed then to keep on the healing process by dealing with hizbolla with the right approach... funny ... israel now wants Lebanon to get a UN resolution 1559 done..

but no one really gave lebanon the time...

they r trying ....

israel will be in a more dangerous region if this lasts ...


OH MY GOD!!! I cannot believe the arrogance!!!

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, with all due DISrespect since you refuse to grant our people the RIGHT TO EXIST and you so bluntly DEFEND GENOCIDE!!! if you truly believe that the war was over between Lebanon and Israel, and if you truly believe that Israel was quietly sitting behind this FAKE border they created just to steal a little bit more of our country (just like they forced on the Palestinians the fake state of Israel after WWII, state that led to 60 years of massacres just because the British at the time thought they owned Palestine and the Palestinians, and could give away a land they stole and called a colony!!! Killing and dispersing an entire nation now land-less)…

IF you truly believe that Israel was peacefully living next to Lebanon… You should believe that at the end of any war, each side MUST give back their prisoners. Or obviously, there is still a state of hostility!!!

For your information, Israel never abided by any international or human rights law. OR BASIC HUMAN DECENCY FOR THAT MATTER!

Hezbollah captured 2 soldiers, who are still alive by the way, because their capture aimed at one thing: freeing our people from the Israeli hell-jails! Since the war is so much over as you claim and in a normal state all prisoners should be back home.

What did Israel do? Capture 2 Lebanese? 10? 100? No no… Attempted a rescue to save the Israelis? No no… Why? Aren’t these two soldiers the real reason behind all this?!!!

Since the forced creation of this state built on the continuous genocide of the Palestinian people (and for some time the Lebanese), Israel has been after our land, OUR LAND, for 60 years.

And listen to me very carefully when I say: in all cases they are massacring us. No matter what we do, they are killing us.

Trust me on this one: we will die with HONOR. We will die trying to save our nation. We will die for our RIGHT TO EXIST.


Because no people are worth more than others.

With all due respect (a word you obviously know plenty about)

Anonymous said...

& for those who live in a perpetual state of denial and refuse to call the horrific actions on Lebanon what they really are: A GENOCIDE... Here is the unbiased reporting of a non-Lebanese, better yet, non-Arab journalist whose credibility does not require any backing:

“It will be called the massacre of Marwaheen. All the civilians killed by the Israelis had been ordered to abandon their homes in the border village by the Israelis themselves a few hours earlier. Leave, they were told by loudspeaker; and leave they did, 20 of them in a convoy of civilian cars. That's when the Israeli jets arrived to bomb them, killing 20 Lebanese, at least nine of them children. The local fire brigade could not put out the fires as they all burned alive in the inferno. Another "terrorist" target had been eliminated.”

By Robert Fisk – The Independent July 16, 2006

That is the systematic annihilation of each and every village in the South. Not the annihilation of each and every Hezbollah station.

Thank you for this effective war on terrorism (since the Israeli ambassador at the UN insisted the Lebanese “requested their help” to "save us" from terrorism)

I guess this will be called another "mistake" like the bombing of Qana's UN base not so long ago. Because ultimately, yes, yes, the war on terrorism requires the death of civilians and the destruction of an entire nation.

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt said...

Very well, our right to exist. I'll play in your ballpark and check courtesy and civility at the door.

No people are worth more then others. I certainly agree there. And I do not defend genocide--I stand firmly against genocide. Nevertheless, despite your ignorant, bombastic rhetoric, genocide is not what is occuring in Lebanon.

If Israel wished to commit genocide, it could. It has the soldiers, the firepower, and the technology to wipe Lebanon off of the map. The amount of civillian casualties in Lebanon is a tragedy, and I wish it was lower. Still, if Israel was truly targeting civillians (as Hezbollah does), commiting genocide, it would be far more then the amount that it is.

I find your nom de plume quite ironic, really, since your argument displays that you do not believe in Israel's right to exist. Still, I believe that Lebanon has a right to exist. I'm not suggesting that Lebanon be folded into Israeli territory, although Hezbollah, Hamaas, and apparently people like yourself would like to see Israel be folded into an Arab nation. Nobody is suggesting that Lebanon cease to exist. Until the act of war was committed by Hezbollah, which is part of the official government of Lebanon (such as it is), Israel stayed behind the border. Which despite your belligerent and desparate characterization as "fake", is, in fact, the official UN border. Israel doesn't want your land, it wants Lebanon and those within it to cease firing rockets and attacking IDF forces inside Israel. Allowing armed troops to invade another nation, kidnap its soldiers or citizens, and bring them back into your nation is an act of war. So is allowing armed troops to fire rockets at another nation. Israel is not massacring Lebanon no matter what you do--it is defending itself when Lebanese nationals with a pseudo-official status committed acts of war against Israel.

Unlike Islamic terrorist groups, Israel is not going to kidnap Lebanese and try to exchange hostages. Civilized nations do not behave in such a fashion. If Israel knew where the Israelis were being held, she would undoubtedly mount a rescue operation. So instead, Israel is behaving in a manner that any other nation would after acts of war were commited. I readily agree that if the current war was solely due to the kidnapping of the two IDF soldiers, Israel's response would be an overreaction. But it isn't. Instead, it is due to the repeated attacks by Hezbollah, which includes but is not limited to the kidnapping and various rocket attacks.

At the end of wars, prisoners of war are generally exchanged, yes. As occured when Arab agression led to the Arab nations banding together to wage war against Israel in 1948, 1967, and 1973. The prisoners that Israel is holding were not wearing uniforms and acting in accordance with the Geneva Convention and international law. And so they are not protected by it, and there is no expectation of repatriation at the end of the conflict. They are criminals and terrorists, not soldiers.

As for the most recent annonymous posting, quoting Robert Fisk, while Fisk is non-Lebanese and non-Arab, he is well known as an anti-Israel commentator. His is one of the more biased perspectives you could find.

I feel sorry for the innocent civillians in Lebanon. I sincerely hope that they are not injured. And I feel sorry for Lebanese (the blog-writer). This must be very difficult for you. But the blame for the current situation rests on Hezbollah and the government of Lebanon, not Israel.

Nouce said...

with all due respect,

the equation is not surprising????

how can u say that???

2 soldiers are kidnapped. 2 SOLDIERS!
in answer: more than 150 civilians are killed. CIVILIANS!

is this a fair equation for you?????

Anonymous said...



Thank you. Now I understand why so many Palestinians have been and keep on being slaughtered since the creation of Israel 60 years ago. Because this is how civilizations are built. You kill the natives and you build your homes on their cadavers!

Thanks for the insightful education of how CIVILIZED nations and people behave. We’ll make sure to use it in the future. Maybe what we could do now is ask the world leaders to give a piece of land to all the Palestinians who have been deported to other countries, (just like they so easily did at the end of WWII instead of organizing massive campaigns to repatriate all the war survivors back to their homelands in Europe) and then, the Palestinian could in turn, act as civilized peoples do, i.e. kill the natives of this new land and build their homes on corpses, all in the very CIVILIZED way they have been learning for 60 years by the best teachers on being CIVILIZED. Maybe then they’ll get your support.

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s lesson.

It is about time you stopped labeling things as you want. Resistance is NOT terrorism. It’s not because one nation is politically, economically or military stronger that they can manipulate the truth as they want.

The people jailed in Israel are RESISTANCE FIGHTERS. They do NOT have to be wearing army suits to be considered war prisoners.

And most importantly, I didn’t know that to be eligible for HUMAN RIGHTS, there’s a specific DRESS CODE!!!!

At times of war, the ENTIRE POPULATION BECOMES THE ARMY and if they don’t all follow silly dress codes, that doesn’t make them less of prisoners of war.

Nouce said...

ok, so now israel is a civilized state and lebanese peopel are terrorists???
yes, just as USA is the civilized state and the iraki people the terrorists (remember Abu Ghraib, please!)???

Anyway, this is NOT the first time israel bombs civilians in lebanon, infrastructure, electricity... Why are we so surprised??

Don't we remember 1996?? Have we forgotten Cana???

Human memory is so short!

Anonymous said...

to those who say Hezbollah brought it to itself for kidnapping soldiers from Israel territory, let them remember that Hezbollah didn’t attack Israel when they killed a helpless 20yesr old shepherd in his land.. The list is endless

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt said...

Hmm... So now you want it both ways, anonymous. When it suits your argument, you cry over the "large" number of civillian casualties and cry genocide. But when I point out that those in Israeli jails violated international law, all of a sudden, they are resistance fighters and "the entire population becomes the army." If the entire population becomes the army, then they are valid targets of war.

Fortunately, I don't believe that to be the case, and I do draw a distinction between civillian and military targets.

And no, I am not stating that Israel is civilized and Lebanon is terrorists--I am stating that Israel is civilized and Hamaas and Hezbollah are uncivilized. Unless, of course, you are equating Hezbollah and Lebanon to be one and the same, which given the close ties between the two, is certainly not out hard to do.

Since you ignored most of my points to spew the same garbage that you did earlier, I will repeat that if Israel wanted to wipe Lebanon off the face of the map, it could do so. Easily. The hard part is keeping civillian casualties down. If Israel was truly out to destroy Lebanon, it would have been done already.

And lastly, your "resistance fighters" violated international law, and are thus not prisoners of war. Calling it a "dress code" is a gross oversimplification, but there is some truth to that. Article I of the 1907 Annex to the Hague Convention (IV) Respecting the Laws and Customs of War on Land lists four requirements that must be met in order to establish lawful belligerency:
"Article 1. The laws, rights, and duties of war apply not only to armies, but also to milita and volunteer corps fulfilling the following conditions:--
(1) To be comanded by a person responsible for his subordinates;
(2) To have a fixed distinctive emblem recognizable at a distence;
(3) To carry arms openly; and
(4) To conduct their operations in accordance with the laws and custom of war."

The quoted language from the Hague convention was written into the language from the third Geneva Convention of 1949, and thus those who fail to meet the minimum criterea to be considered lawful belligerents are excluded from the Convention's protection. Including any sort of prisoner-of-war status and repatriation.

Legally speaking, resistance fighters and other unlawful belligerents, under international law, could have been given a summary tribunal and then given the death penalty. In many cases, summary execution is permissible under international law.

In failing to meeting the four criteria, the unlawful belligerents of Lebanon removed themselves from the protections of the rules of war, the Hague and Geneva conventions, and so Israel is well within her rights to hold onto the terrorists who attacked her.

Anonymous said...

Beyond a reasonable doubt: the same can go for you. you seem to ignore some points made above aswell... pls, if only the lebanese gov. had more ample time; Hizb would have eventually been disarmed and not to point out that we were sooo close. Never-the-less pls do not talk about International Law....I will not waste my time in listing how many Israel has broken- from UN resolutions to Prison Human rights and to top it refusing to sign the Nucleur treaty [pls check for yourself if u don't believe me] I just find it remarkable that you bring yourself to justify civilian deaths, for doing so you must be just less than human......

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Labels. Nothing more. Labels defined and assigned by the “stronger” to dehumanize the “weaker”.

When Israel shoots, it is self-defense. When Palestinians shoot it is terrorism (even if they are only shooting a few desperate stones remaining from their destroyed homes).

In all cases, I could not care less about what someone living far away from the bombs might think. You have the time and the luxury to argue with legal terminology. I only have the luxury of hoping for another day. And it is not poetry, it is the plain truth.

Whether it is said by someone you respect or not, what Fisk describes in his article is happening on a daily basis in all of the Lebanese villages.

Yes, they are aiming at mini-buses fleeing the bombarding.
Yes, they are aiming at civilians’ cars trying to escape and save their children.
Yes, they are aiming at the firefighters’ trucks and bases.
Yes, the people are burning to death for lack of better alternatives.
Yes, once before in Qana (South Lebanon) they bombed a UN base that was sheltering civilians, killing all the people hiding inside, including the UN soldiers. And yes, a couple of days ago, the UN soldiers, in fear of another Qana, refused to shelter civilians who had fled their village about to be bombed (I wonder why these UN soldiers do not trust those civilized who work hard at minimizing civilian casualties).

Minimizing casualties. What a nice, shiny way of saying what really means: killing but not too much.

& This is how they do their best to minimize civilian casualties:

Simply by aiming at them.
No, not just aiming at them.
By deceiving them to make the job even easier: Get out of your home or you will die inside, because yes, we will bomb homes.
And when the people helplessly run for their life, they are executed in the wide open streets.

Now if that is not genocide, I don’t know what is.

“It will be called the massacre of Marwaheen. All the civilians killed by the Israelis had been ordered to abandon their homes in the border village by the Israelis themselves a few hours earlier. Leave, they were told by loudspeaker; and leave they did, 20 of them in a convoy of civilian cars. That's when the Israeli jets arrived to bomb them, killing 20 Lebanese, at least nine of them children. The local fire brigade could not put out the fires as they all burned alive in the inferno. Another "terrorist" target had been eliminated.”

And this could apply to so many villages just today, just now. I am watching the news at this very moment, as I am typing, and I can’t believe what I am seeing. It looks like a cheap movie. Cadavers. Black like coal. You could be fooled though. If you don’t look carefully enough, you might not even realize there is a human face there.

You claim that the report by Fisk is useless because he is an “anti-Israel commentator” (Is it so wrong to disagree with them that there’s a label for that too? And if you do disagree with Israel, then automatically, you are not objective and you are a bad journalist?)

If Fisk’s report doesn’t impress you, fine. But if you truly feel for the civilians as you claim, then you should be interested in knowing what is really happening. At least for the sake of not just defending one side unconditionally without being aware of what is actually going on out there. There are a few sites posting diaries of people under fire.

You claim you have an open-mind and you are objective. Please then, take a few minutes, and read.

At least give them that.

“A cloud of smoke, dust, and death still fills the sky of Beirut. 200 have been murdered and hundreds more maimed by Olmert’s killing machine. A lot of the villages in the south are running out of food and water. Israeli planes order those villagers to evacuate within an hour yet they shoot anything that moves. Who’s the terrorist again?

Guess what though. The Lebanese are more determined, more united, and more defiant than ever. My sister, who wept uncontrollably the first night, now sleeps through the blasts even though they are getting louder and more frequent. We persevere.”

“In an effort of the Israeli warplanes "not to harm any civilian", twelve Lebanese (five or fifteen according to other sources) have been massacred, while trying to flee from the town of "Merweheen", Bayada/Shame3 road. Their bus received a direct hit.

Other dead civilians are also counted in Chtoura.

I wonder how would it be if they were, actually, trying to harm civilians!!”

Dr. Muhamad Mugraby issued the following statement on behalf of the Center for Democracy and the Rule of Law (CDRL) of Lebanon:
Today, Lebanon is in a state of war with Israel. The Israeli army has committed wide ranging acts of aggression against Lebanese civilians and civil infra-structure, such as the murder of dozens of Lebanese, including entire families, without being in any proximity to legitimate military targets (no possibility of qualifying as a collateral), and in flagrant violation of the laws of war and particularly the Geneva Conventions of August 12, 1949, and the Hague Regulations of 1907, at least in the following ways:
1. Article 3 of the Geneva Convention for the Protection of Civilians outlawed violence against the persons and lives of all those who do not actively participate in military operations. It prohibits killing, mutilating, torturing or otherwise treating them with cruelty.
2. Article 49 of the same convention requires the prosecution and trial of those military personnel that commit or order the commitment of such crimes.
3. The matter of the two Israeli prisoners of war taken by Hizbullah, in the aftermath of a military battle in which they were in uniform, armed and on a military mission in an armored vehicle, is regulated by the Third Geneva Convention on Prisoners of War. Article 21 of this convention authorizes their internment subject to certain conditions. Their rights as prisoners of war are provided in the said convention. The Israeli Government may seek to insure those rights through the peaceful means authorized by the said convention.
4. The military organization of Hizbullah, in relation to the war with Israel, is an organized resistance movement recognized under the Hague Regulations of 1907, which were ratified by Lebanon on June 12, 1962. Article 1 of the Regulations requires the following conditions for the members of a resistance organization:
a. To follow the command of a commander responsible for his subordinates.
b. To carry or wear a distinctive sign recognizable at a distance, but without the necessity of wearing a uniform.
c. Carrying arms openly when engaged in an operation, but without giving up the element of surprise.
d. Conducting operations in accordance with the laws and customs of war.
The Israeli government behaves like the parents of a detainee at a police station. Instead of hiring lawyers to secure his rights it attempts to destroy the entire city where he is being detained.
For these reasons, and as there are over fifty Lebanese civilians who have no relationship to the military conflict who have been murdered by the Israeli army, including a large number of infants, we are being faced with horrible acts of premeditated murder which should be exposed, prosecuted, and brought to trial, perhaps under the statutes of the International Criminal Court.
I call on the Lebanese Government to take prompt measures in the exercise of national legal rights which could lead to the restoration of the rule of law internationally and perhaps even help in restoring sanity to the Israeli Government and its allies. I call on the international community to promptly interfere in favor of a full restoration of the rule of law on an international and regional basis, beginning with the prevention of more acts of murder by the Israeli army.
“I can’t sleep. I arrived this country week ago. I didn’t even settle and here it begins: my country is on fire. I was out of connection here in my little room. I was obliged to follow news at work till midnight. I received and sent a couple of emails and wrote a lot of SMS messages.
Lebanon is under siege: air, land and marine. Arabs are silent. Some talked and made it worse. Please shut up. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, UA,. Shut your mouths if you are going to give such declarations. I didn’t hear about demonstrations in the arab world except an islamist one in Bahrain, another in Iraq and of course in the mother source of our historical resistances and defeats: Palestine. I guess we have to give the Arab people the 2-week-trail period before they move into action. Well it is collaboration and encouragement in disguise. I can never forgive them. Now I figure it out..
My friend just wrote me an email. she said there’s not even a cat in streets of “jemmayzeh”. I laughed hysterically. Even cats are aware of Israeli forces’ racism and terror?
I was not politically with martyr Rafic Hariri’s economical project. Yet I feel I want to shout till I don’t hear my voice when I see all this project collapses. A 15-year result is collapsing in front of our eyes.
This wasn’t the only thing that pissed me off.. Some Lebanese have been dragged foolishly to Israel’s plan. They are blaming Hizballah for what’s happening. No. It’s not Hizballah’s fault. It is Israel’s. Reports are telling that they prepared their plans since months, and needed only the reason. Hizballah may have made a strategic mistake.
Olmert wants to assure that he is the man. This guy comes from a military background and has no sense of diplomacy. Simply, he is a fanatic racist who would do every thing for his future political career.
I wasn’t even close to Hizballah fundemtalism. Now I am 99% with Hizballah. Call me a terrorist, I don’t give a damn! You are putting world rules but I’ll still resist them. When I declared that in previous comments I was directly said to be Shiite by other blog visitors. Sorry for disappointing you but am not shitte nor the world is based following Bush/FOX/CNN ‘s declared marketed prototypes.”

"Salut tout le monde. j’espère que mon message sera lu par un grand nombre de personnes. Je suis Libanaise et je vis au Liban. Au fait mon quartier n’est pas si loin de Dahyé, la région bombardée du Hezbollah, mais n’est pas visé du tout (du moins pas encore). Ce que vous voyez à la télévision n’est rien. Ce que vous écoutez n’est rien. Dahyé n’est plus qu’un creux au milieu de Beyrouth… Le nombre de morts a facilement atteint 200 personnes. Le nombre de blessés est très élevé. On ne voit plus ni soleil ni lune tellement le ciel est encombré de nuages gris a cause de la fumée… Chaque bombe cause un tremblement de terre qui fait vibrer tout Beyrouth et son entourage. Le son des bombes est tellement fort qu’on peut l’entendre jusqu’à 15km. Au Sud, des massacres! DES GÉNOCIDES!! Les israéliens visent les citoyens en fuite. Des enfants, des femmes, des vieux… sans pitié ils sont déchiquetés en morceaux. Ils viennent tout juste de bombarder un quartier a Sour en visant un immeuble de 12 étages et les victimes sont au nombre de dizaines. Le reporter de LBC y était et il parlait en direct, haleté, en fuyant décrivant l’atroce image devant ses yeux: des gens en lambeaux… des enfants qui ont perdu leurs membres… le sang coulant dans les rues…
Le Liban sera détruit de cette façon, mètre après mètre, si les Nations “Puissantes” n’agissent pas! Aidez-nous je vous en supplie… faites quelque chose pour les enfants du monde… nos enfants…
Le Liban se noie dans une mer rouge de sang…"

im him said...

"with all due respect"
what a RESPECT!!
With all due respect bla bla bla and bla...
we do this .....u do that and bla bla bla....and bla
ok !!!u do this and we do that ...bla bla bla and bla

u know that the israelis are shitting themselves!!
oh fuck!!
where are Hezbollah shitting then!!!?
oh fuck!!
theyre both fucking shitting...
and i am the one eating
im bloody full...maybe i need a nap

im her said...

You dont have to help the resistance ....the resistance is on the front line and the Lebanese are behind them" Sayed Hassan Nasrallah said.

"What they need to do is get syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing the shit and its over"
George Bush whispered...

where is the front line??
where is the shit??

Angry from Lebanon said...

If anyone wants to know Israel has shattered 42 vital bridges and 38 roads. It has decimated parts of the south. It will reoccupy parts of the south. It has hit power stations, communications antennae, fuel storage tanks, water treatment plants and endless gas stations. It has hit the airport no less than six times. I ask you, how many times do you need to hit an airport? It has told people to get out but made the roads impassable and without petrol how are they supposed to get out, walk with their every possession on their heads? It hit the grain silo of the port - deliberately - it has blockaded the entire country so humanitarian relief cannot come in and Bush Blair applaud it. I have never been more disgusted by these leaders and their politics than at this moment and if anyone is in any doubt, let them analyse that pathetic exchange between them starting with 'yo Blair' and ending with 'gotta get home, have something to do tonight'. Meanwhile, the death rate is in excess of 10 to one for civilians.

Sorry for the tirade but katushas or no katushas there is no comparison to the military hardware used to wreck havoc on this country and its civilians, green lit by the Blair Bush axis.

Yours truly, Angry of Lebanon

khizbollawi said...

Israel's offensive is going to turn us all into tekhorists soon if they do not stop!

khizbolla(as the say it in hebrew) now looks like a defiant army protecting the lebanese.

Well done IZKHRAEL!

im him said...

writing in Lebanese!!!stopped functioning in any other language...sorry for whom they dont read this language...its time to learn maybe.

3afwan 3othran akoulaha be fos7a moumken...
yemken badi eyeha aweyeh mo3abera:

Badi estafreg 3laikoun/ 3afwan 3othran
badi estafreg 3laikoun, 7aky 3am ylle2 w yer2oss 3ala tharat rassy, ytershe2 khyelou, zekrayetou, kezbou, waja3ou, dmou3ou, bastou...3ala ree2 lsenou, m3ajjez, 3am ymout, 2erfen kharyen 3a 7alou,
3am yber w yber,
yeskout shah2a 2emmet 3a shah2a tenieh,
w yeskout yttalle2 shah2atou
eh baddi estafreg 3laikoun kel shee fee kereh w 7e2ed
kel shee fee dam w bashe3a w kharra mtawaj sh7ar aswad..kel shee fee hanin asgar min asgar darra be rassi la khebez 3am yer2os 3a eidein mja3deen fawe2 basmeh we23et bel hawa min tem khetyara... be day3a...day3a be sama thenyeh day3a ...
eh badi estafreg 3laikoun 2araf 2a2raf min el 2araf 3am yshatshet shatshatah min mkhoukoun...
shou b7eb estafreg 3laikoun...3awher 3laikoun 3ayyett 3laikoun bawwel 3laikoun w fell
fell w ma erja3 ella ta estafreg 3laikoun...

the line said...

me: how are you??
him: am great!!!
me: what you up to??
him:nothing, chilling counting missels!!
me: good, do u think its gonna be long!!??
him:it seems to be, the world doesnt give a fuck!!
me: well it doesnt!!!
him: i dont give a fuck either!!people are just numbers here
the line cuts
a conversation between londdon and beirut

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt said...

Hizbollah's rockets are deliberately aimed at civillians, and thus is a war crime under any circumstances.

Common Article 3 prohibits the "taking of hostages." This was not capturing prisoners of war, it was kidnapping.

the line said...

this was not capturing prisoners of war, it was kidnapping....

its not that strange for BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT to say what he said...this is the mentality of the most Israelis, this is their education, this is what they learn in schools, this is what they do ion their family picnics: sign on rockets and send it to Lebanon, or gaza or anywhere they think its suitable to experiment their new weapons

my friend please dont be silly
read more, watch more
but read the truth and understand what you are watching...

the israeli goverment is not thinking of you, when they do that...

poor you mate...Hezbollah wont kidnap you...the israeli goverment will kill you...

mike-israel said...

to beyond a reasonable doubt

as an israeli i feel shame of what you said
i feel shame to say that im an israeli
i feel shame to see my promissed country doing these masacres!!!
im leaving Israel
i wish Lebanon is my country
i will move there beyond any doubts

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt said...

Great, go to Lebanon, Mike-Israel. Israel hardly needs to have fifth-columnists in its midst.

Nevertheless, if you feel "shame of what [I] said," why not put forth an argument rather then running away?

Besides, who ever said I was an Israeli? (I'm not.)

Nouce said...

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt,

Can't you see what your country's doing to Lebanon? The israeli army is doing just what you accuse Hezbollah of doing:

Israel is doing a Terrorist attack against Lebanon!

I can't understand how a "reasonable" mind can have your position!
I'm so glad there are people like mike-israel to prove that all israelis and all jews are not like you and don't support israel's crimes against Lebanon!!!