Tuesday, October 31, 2006

it make me angry

it makes me angry saying goodbye to my best matey going back to lebanon.
it makes me angry to think of her going back home at this time...
she so needs a better life and better country ...
beirut ....
beirut , you are deceiving people...

you really makes us miss you

you are this great city that has nothing to offer

you offer unemployment
high rates of depression
and useless useless boring stupid politics...


wake up you silly little place
wake up...
wake up and smell the coffee...
smell your beautiful little arabic coffee
that tells us all our secrets

wake up from the darknes of ignorance
yes you are ignorant ...

who are you beirut in london?
do you think you even exist when the system exists ?

you are chaos
you are unemployment
you are depression

you are the beiruti sunnies and the beirutie druzes, and the shia and the maronites and the catholics and the orthodox ...

you are everyone degenerate

wake up and see who are your people...

your people love you

your people want you for them only...

give them work

give them love ...at least 10% of what they give you so you see how much everbody will be happy to go back...

i want to go back ....

but do you appreciate me beirut? 10% the way i appreciate you ? at least 10% ...

i love you

goodnight ya beirut ...

and hope my friend lands safe in your arms ...treat her well and let her want to be back to you

ya beirut...

ya now me blaming beirut the city as if it is not the people who make the place

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i am losing it

LEBANON: Destruction and displacement hamper vaccination campaign

BINT JBEIL, 30 Oct 2006 (IRIN) - The destruction in villages and displacement of residents in southern Lebanon from the recent war posed problems for medical volunteers on the first day of a national emergency polio immunisation campaign for children on Monday.

“Usually, we would know exactly where to go to immunise the children,” said nurse Nawal Saab, a member of one of the teams carrying out door-to-door immunisations in Bint Jbeil, 110 km south of Beirut. “This year, because so many houses have been destroyed and so many families have had to move in with relatives, outreach has been rendered more complicated.”


Monday, October 30, 2006


After starting as independents in the music scene in Kiev, Esthetic Education quickly became the number one English band in Ukraine. Since then, they have performed in France and the UK. Their videos, including Leave Us Alone, have been played all over MTV Russia.

This is a video my partner shot and directed and i edited while living in beirut last year for 8 months , it was a reaction to the turmoil that followed the Hariri killing and to the changes that were occuring back home very quickly... this last war was predicted way before :(

hope you enjoy the video and the great music esthetic education has offered us...

OH God!

well it has been obvious after the war that a big gap will be formed between the hizbollah leadership and its people and the whole of lebanon... though during the war , i felt like they kept it together...everybloody ...

but we r fragile unfortunately and we need help to stay together as one...

AND unfortunately some tensions are taking over ... but i hope they won't turn to the worst , i hope things will get sorted somehow ...

what worries me is that the west is backing our siniora government, and the hizib people are backed obviously with iran and syria so like big powers showing their muscles on our grounds...



Shift in Lebanon's sectarian politics

In the aftermath of the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, new divisions are fracturing Lebanese society which cut across the usual sectarian boundaries.

Hezbollah wants a unity government to replace Fouad Siniora's cabinet
On the one side is the "14th March group", an alliance representing the country's political elite which pushed for the departure of Syrian forces from Lebanon.
The coalition, which takes its name from the date of last year's anti-Syrian demonstration, comprises Sunni Muslims and some Christian and Druze groups.
On the other side are Hezbollah and their allies, including the followers of the Christian leader, former general Michel Aoun, who has given the Shia party his political backing.

On Israel's Lebanon border, a surprising optimism

"The yellow flags are gone, but they'll be back," he said.


Germany confirms new Lebanon incident with Israel
30 October 2006

BERLIN: Germany said on Sunday its navy, which is patrolling the Lebanese coast as part of an international peacekeeping force, had been involved in a second incident involving Israeli fighter planes. read more>>>

Sunday, October 29, 2006

too much love will kill us

everybody wants to help... everybody for some reason wanna love lebanon... hmmm
fishy? we do not have oil... we only have an oily sea , some libnooos girls , and maybe good food , great landscape? whateverrrrrrrrrrrrXXXXXX

“The EU will be with you. You can be sure about that”

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Bringing Lieberman into Cabinet would be Olmert's gravest error

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is on the verge of including a notorious hatemonger in his Cabinet - and therefore of pushing the Middle East back toward the abyss of destruction that has been its companion for almost 60 years. Making MP Avigdor Lieberman deputy premier and handing him a new and powerful portfolio to deal with "strategic threats" is obviously a cynical move designed to shore up a weak government at the expense of the country's reputation and security. But the repercussions would not be restricted to the domestic sphere, because such a move could not help but send all the wrong messages to the all the wrong people.
read whole article

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Orange House

well in Lebanon we have the orange house not the white house....
it is in tyre... magical space if u are thinking of visiting Lebanon i advice you to go there

Bed and breakfast Orange House
sits pretty along the shores of the Tyre,
providing an idyllic getaway right here in Lebanon
and a safe haven for endangered turtles

By Nayla Azami

Near the southern city of Tyre, set amid the backdrop of Al Mansouri area, stands Orange House, a charming bed and breakfast founded by Mona El Khalil. Nestled between banana trees and orchards and surrounded by 75,000m2 of lush greenery, the distinctively sunny orange villa is also an eco-system project that offers a sanctuary for two endangered species of Mediterranean Sea turtles. WHAT’S UP? met up with El Khalil to give you a sneak peak at the nesting habits of these sea animals, as well as a look inside Orange House itself.

“The orange house has been part of the family estate since the 1970s. I remember that my father used to build a room every other week, until it spread out to become what it is today,” says El Khalil. The family lived for twenty years in Holland, but El Khalil never forgot her home country. “I just knew that one day I would go back to Lebanon. That day came in 1999, when I saw my first sea turtle.”

Read all review>>>


still talking about the Israeli jets buzzing over the germans ... hmmm ... very important news...
air time ... AYRON!

Israeli jets buzz German ship on Lebanon patrol

26 October 2006

Berlin/Tel Aviv (dpa) - Israel said Thursday that no aggression against German forces was intended during a confrontation between Israeli aircraft and a German naval vessel patrolling off Lebanon.

The Israeli embassy in Berlin released a statement from the defence ministry in Tel Aviv, saying the defence ministers of the two countries had discussed Tuesday's incident.


the never ending story .... aaaaargghhhh

Israeli warplanes keep overflying southern Lebanon

Special report: Israel-Lebanon Conflicts [ Video ][Gallery]

JERUSALEM, Oct. 26 (Xinhua) -- Israel Air Forces warplanes have not stopped violating Lebanese air space since Israeli ground troops completed withdrawal from southern Lebanon in early October.

Irritated by Israeli fighters' ongoing operations, Major General Alain Pellegrini of France, commander of UN Interim Forcein Lebanon (UNIFIL) warned last week that the UN troops might need to change the rules of engagement to allow the use of anti-aircraft missiles against Israeli jets.


who to believe?

ouf , after the war has stopped i mean the fighting i decided to detox a bit from politics and do some work so i can move on because i was vegetating somehow during the 34 days assault...
although i worked on some charity events i still felt i wanted to help more but felt useless...

today i said to myself i need to blog again , let me checkk the news... after reading these lovely conflicting news through the wires , i decided : that's it ... it makes me sick....

who to believe ????? is it important to believe????

Israeli jets clash with German ship near Lebanon

Wed 25 Oct 2006 17:22:08 BST

BERLIN, Oct 25 (Reuters) - Two Israeli warplanes and a German navy vessel have clashed off the Lebanese coast, the Defence Ministry in Berlin said on Wednesday without giving further details. Germany daily Der Tagesspiegel earlier on Wednesday quoted a junior German defence minister as telling a parliamentary committee that two Israeli F-16 fighters flew low over the German ship and fired two shots.
Reuters earlier today>>>

or this one ?

Israel denies report jets fired over German ship

Wed 25 Oct 2006 19:06:29 BST

JERUSALEM, Oct 25 (Reuters) - Israel on Wednesday denied a German newspaper report that two Israeli air force planes flew over a German navy vessel patrolling Lebanon's coast, fired twice and activated anti-missile countermeasures.
Reuters Later today>>>

and there is this story too, earlier this week

Israel jets fly over Lebanon despite French appeal

Mon 23 Oct 2006 11:21:08 BST

BEIRUT, Oct 23 (Reuters) - Israeli warplanes swooped low over Lebanon on Monday, a day after the Jewish state rejected a call by France's defence minister to halt violations of its neighbour's airspace.

The planes conducted mock raids over much of southern Lebanon and residents saw them flying low over the capital Beirut, but neither Hezbollah guerrillas nor the Lebanese army fired anti-aircraft rounds at them as they have done in previous years.
read this article here>>>

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Israel admits using phosphorus bombs during war in Lebanon

By Meron Rappaport, Haaretz Correspondent

Israel has acknowledged for the first time that it attacked Hezbollah targets during the second Lebanon war with phosphorus shells. White phosphorus causes very painful and often lethal chemical burns to those hit by it, and until recently Israel maintained that it only uses such bombs to mark targets or territory.

Read article>>>

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Congratulations my lovely blog....

u made it
u made it in the news...
check out this lovely article ...

there is a part about I want to go home blog...


happy first article....
and thanks Iason Athanasiadis
Iason Athanasiadis writes:

"Those Lebanese fluent in English and with access to the Internet also typed out their daily reality into the ether, offering unprecedented insight into the conflict. Lebanon is no sanctions-weakened Iraq, with most of its educated class having fled to the West and the rest forced by need to regress to just scraping by. A polyphony of voices eloquently described the experience of seeing one’s country ripped apart. One, from the outside, was that of Dana Kahil. A film editor and the daughter of the Arab world’s best-known political cartoonist, Kahil and her French husband had made the decision to move to Beirut and packed their bags when the war started. With Beirut Airport bombed, however, they got stuck in London and in the kind of anxious frenzy that comes from being trapped outside, rather than inside, a war-zone. Obsessed by every twist and turn of the conflict, Kahil started a blog, I WANT TO GO HOME , to let out her nervous energy. “London 3AM on a very very early morning, still dark, very quiet but eery [sic] because the sound of the tv is projecting the noise of Beirut aching….I am in London, cannot sleep, worried, heart broken…lost…,” Kahil wrote in her first entry."


Monday, October 09, 2006

on the British front...

The greatest consequence of exaggerating the threat of terrorism is that many are responding with calls to curtail personal freedoms.

Let's move the war online

If facts in field are not important anymore, why can we not war like David, Goliath?

David Verveer

Our Government tells us that we won the war, the opposition claims precisely the opposite. The Arabs on the other side are equally divided in their evaluation of the results. Let us be honest to ourselves, who won or lost is really irrelevant in so far we gained or did not gain a chance for having some years of quietness and sanity.

True, the damage and specially the loss of life on both sides seem to be a terrible price to pay for tranquility, we have learned through human history, peace is achieved only by war. Thus we need wars to give us peace, but why start a war?


gallery..very interesting

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Muslim police officer excused Israel guard duty

ok just watched the news , the sun has leaked this police officer's plea to not guard the israelie embassy in london for complex welfare issues... The metropolitan police is very disappointed that this news was leaked because the officer has been discussing his personal issue for the last six weeks before he was excused. well basically the guy's wife is lebanese , he is syrian ... i know he has pledged allegiance to just do his duties whatever it is but the guy is worried about his personal safety (not sure he got threats) but it is as well a very emotional thing for him and it has been very disappointing for breaking in the news today and get the story out of its normal extremes...
well it is debatable .... he has to do his job, yes...but seriously the guy annot really feel he has to safe guard the very department who has affected his family directly...

here is the story ...u decide....
your comments are welcome...
Muslim police officer excused Israel guard duty

(Filed: 05/10/2006)

Britain's most senior policeman has called for an urgent review into the decision to excuse a Muslim police officer from guarding the Israeli embassy in London on moral grounds.

Armed police
The Israeli embassy is one of the best protected buildings in London

Pc Alexander Omar Basha, part of the Metropolitan Police's Diplomatic Protection Group, asked for special dispensation not to work at the embassy because of his ethical objection to Israel's bombing of Lebanon, according to the Sun newspaper.

The officer is understood to have relatives in Lebanon.

Today Sir Ian Blair, the Metropolitan Police commissioner, said he had ordered an investigation into how the decision was made.

"Having learned of this issue I have asked for an urgent review of the situation and a full report into the circumstances, " he said.

Earlier a Scotland Yard spokesman said that requests for transfers were dealt with on a case-by-case basis, balancing the needs of the force with the concerns of individuals.

"However, the needs of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) takes precedence and the organisation reserves the right to post an officer anywhere within the MPS," he said.

If you ask me… Hala Jaber

hope you stay well and safe ya hala ... u r an amazing woman...
obviously this was written before the latest war , ie quite dated but
i wanted you to take a look at this amazing woman's life...

If you ask me… Hala Jaber
story picture
Thursday, 6 April 2006

THERE is in Hala Jaber a mix of cynicism and passionate belief that is probably in the DNA of many foreign correspondents.

After spending three years in Iraq, the Sunday Times journalist, who last month was named foreign reporter of the year at the British Press Awards for the second year running, has lost her faith in the West and has become increasingly disillusioned with its rhetoric. read all interview

better late than never

here r the photos of the gig i organized in the spitafields for Lebanon
with the star OTIS Grand and other great musicians

enjoy the pix

start....what r u waiting for...?

Cleanup to Start at Old Sites in Lebanon

By ZEINA KARAM Associated Press Writer

October 04,2006 | BYBLOS, Lebanon --

Cleanup is set to begin within days at the first of three ancient World Heritage sites damaged in the summer's Hezbollah-Israel war -- a crumbling old castle rising from the Mediterranean whose foundation stones are now coated with oil sludge.

blogging diaorrhea

finally i am blogging againnnnn

here is one on human rights violations... ouff...thanks swissy people...

Expert reveals Lebanon human rights abuses

A Swiss international law expert tells swissinfo that there were a number of violations of the Geneva conventions during this summer's conflict in Lebanon.

Bush !!! North Korea is calling you

leave the middle east alone for just a weekkkkk
reminds me of one of Kahil's cartoons dated back to 01-01-2003

U.S. sees possible North Korea test site activity

By Will Dunham

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States has detected activity at potential test sites in North Korea indicating possible preparations for a nuclear test, a U.S. defense official said on Wednesday, as China urged restraint after the reclusive state said it planned a nuclear test.

TO the News Director at the esteemed Al-Manar Television channel

Dear Sir:

I respectfully request that you air the following clarification during your news broadcasts, in line with the values and laws that govern our shared profession:

"During its nightly news bulletin on Tuesday, Al-Manar Television broadcast a commentary on statements I made as a panelist at a political seminar held recently in Washington, D.C. The statements were necessarily reduced to sound-bites, and thus denuded of their original context, leading to a misrepresentation of my remarks once they were set in Al-Manar's commentary. My participation at the conference aimed to defend Lebanon and its right to resist. What I said about peace with Israel in my speech explicitly supports the role of Hizbullah in light of Israel's mishandling and maltreatment of the commander and soldiers from the South Lebanon Army who evacuated with the Israeli military at the end of its occupation of South Lebanon. This came after they had risked their lives in the service of the Israeli occupation for many years. The point being: Under such circumstances, what good would come of a peace made with such an enemy, even if we hoped for it?

ego rubbish

so what ? we r not in a schoolyard here ... we won , u won , they won, we r upset we did not win so we will attack again to win...what is this?
shame on both sides ...just rebuild , get your people feel safe and chill ...all of u

Myth of false victory is fertile ground for next war

the soldiers are ok in good physical condition..

did anyone doubt that?
nasrallah said they will take care of them...
i hope they r feeding them good leb food too ...maybe their hearts will melt a bit once they r back home and become friendly and stop coming back ... hehheh :)

hope they go back home soon...so we can start talking...and not fighting ...

we need chebaa back, all of it, we need our prisoners back , then we will be in better conditions to negotiate ... but unfortunately this latest war on lebanon was so hard that people are very tense , anxious internally too ...there r feuds, i hope they do not get bigger ... pleaseee....

Last update - 22:17 04/10/2006
Russian FM: IDF soldiers held in Lebanon alive, in good condition
By Gideon Alon, Haaretz Correspondent

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

which came first?

Emile Lahoud's answer:
Fogh the moment, we cannot know if .. euh.. the egg came fighst or not.. but believe me, I can assughe u that all the lebanese aghe togethegh ..euh they all want to know the tghuth because they aghe united. I can also gaghantee that hezballa did not hide the egg, and they will coopeghate, believe me, with the goveghnment to ghun after the chicken ... so fighst, euhh... we have to catch them, and then, we can talk and negotiate.

Michel Aoun's answer:
Enno halla2 tniyyeh leich aam te7chrouneh bi heik sou2al? leich aam tithajjamo 3leyna wa ka anno né7na khatafna el bayda aw akalna el djéjeh? ma32oul raskon 3am tis2alo heik sou2al? aslan 75% min el bayd ra7 biysir djeij...25% biy dallo sisan, bass wa7do el DICK biysir ra2iss joumhouriyeh! lol

Haifa Wehbe's answer:
As for me I do not know too much about chicken, I'm more interested in eggs and I'm very sensitive to it! For me one egg is never enough...mmm...but with 2? hummm... I'm satisfied, oh yeah!

Hawa chicken's answer:
It doesn't matter to us which came first the egg or the chicken, but the most important thing is, at the end, all eggs will become chickens... and all will be slaughtered in our factories!

Nabih Berri's answer:
aba3refish! IDA BET RIDOU! haida sou2eil baddo yitjewab 3lay 3a tawilet el 7iwar!

Abou antar's answer:
Eh tidrabou kilkon 3ala heik sou2al! had sou2al ma byinsa2al; chinno malo la fakaha wala maziyeh!, ma kan afdal tis2alou masalan ya3ni:Abou aantar byakol 3al tirwi2a; kartountein beid? aw tlat djajat? mou kan afdal? eh bili tistirkon sater! tidrabou!

Samir Geagea's answer:
I wish that chicken came first ! But during all the 11 years in prison, only eggs were served first and last!

Neil Armstrong's answer:
What do you mean by that question? Of course I came first... and the whole world knows about it. It was the Apolo 11 mission in 1969!

Jad Choueiri's answer:
Since I was very young, my only dream was to become a pop star and to sing in front of lot of people. The first time I was on stage, all I remember is that eggs came first to me... ON me! ... And after that it rained tomatos! Please change the question.

John Lennon's answer:
Imagine all the chickens came first in peace in the strawberry fields, and they were all free as the bird.

The pope's answer:
Ah...for this question I will leave God to answer it.

Zinedine Zidane's answer:
Ben, s'ils sont italiens on fait comme ça: y a kas donner un coup de boule à la poule; si la poule se met à pondre, donc c la poule... sinon, on peut toujours choutter l'oeuf; s'il s'écrase, c la poule; mais c... baan on va pas polémiquer! En tout cas, les deux, c des racistes!

Dana Halabi's answer:
"Ana Dana ana dandan"...so I bet you know me by now, don't you?, cause my song is familiar more than me...he he he. Concerning your question,I think chicken came first because eggs don't make sex...do they?

The Bible's answer:
If you believe in the Bible, the chicken came first. "And the evening and the morning were the fourth day. And God said, 'Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven'." Genesis 1:19-20. Chickens are a type of fowl, so the Christian Bible says that chickens came first.

Caroline haddad's answer:
I don't care which one ,el mohem ndal nekol eggs and chicken

Saad Hariri's answer:
Nihna ka tayyar moustakbal biy himna el 7a2i2a...euh...li anno hada sou2al min domen sala7iyat lijnét el ta72i2 el dawliyé...euh...w zay ma 2olna ni7na ma3 el djaj awwalan...euh...3afwan ma3 Loubnan awwalan,bass min ba3ed ma saret osset influwanza el touyour...euh... battalna nit3amal ma3 el djaj...euh... rakkazna aktar 3al beid, li anno moughazi w moufid...euh...w ashal nit3amal fiyo,wel ahham bi hada el mawdou3 killo inno ndal zay abel... "akline el baida wel ichri" ta3ita!

Fouad Siniora's answer:
Zay ma biy2oul m3almi...

Shakespeare's answer:
To come or not to come, that is the question.

David Copperfield's answer:
As for me, I do not have a problem: I can make any of them come first!

Feirouz's answer:
Ana 3adatan ma bjéwib 3a heik as2ileh bala to3meh!w sakhifeh!? bass "ideich kan fi nass" kanit natra 7ata i7ki...aw iktob el jaweib 3al 7awr el 3atik...ta7et el 3arichi ...aw 3a ramel el tari2! bass tikram 3aynkon ya "whichcame1st.com" hal marra ra7 jéwib w khalli sawti yousal 3al chamess ...w 3al ri7... la matra7 ma byou2af el zaman...w jawebeh houwé ehh... mmm...dakhilkoun mich 7ajal sannine, ija ablon tnaynéton!?

Ghandi's answer:
Whichever came first, both must have come peacefully.

Adolf Hitler's answer:
Chicken of course.. oldest species to walk the earth. I put millions of them on fire in mass camps... unfortunately, there were still some survivors in Europe, and the Middle East.

Jacques Chirac's answer:
Mes Chers compatriotes,
Comme j'ai un peu de temps devant moi je m'étais dis que se soite l'oeuf qui vaincre ou que se soite la poule le seul candidat qui soite présidenciable aux élections 2007: c'est moittte...!

Joe Hammam's answer:
iza min 3ahed sayyedna nou7, chiken came first.

Elie Rached's answer:
Sadi2eh leik, iza baddak ti7keh 3ilmiyan el djejeh ijet 2abel!

Joseph Stalin's answer:
The rooster

Walid Jounblat's answer:
Ya kerd! Djéjé! mish djéjé? mbala djéjé...Mbéri7 kinna bayda! mish bayda? mbala bayda...ya kerd...! Ana shou kilet? djéjé? la2 3aynee hiyé bayda! ba3dena 3ayni ana baddi is2alak, dakhlak kam kar3a fi bi hay el soura, wi7di walla tnein? khallina nis2al el saiid 7asan khalli yjewibna...ila ayn!

GOOOOGLE's answer:
According to our search results, the keyword Egg returns 110,000,000 answers whereas the keyword chicken returns 141,000,000 answers. Therefore, we can say, without any doubt possible and with a relevancy of 99.99878% that the chicken came in the first place.

Bono's answer:
Whichever ever came first, neither the chicken nor the egg will suffer of the poverty. I will make poverty history for the egg and also the chicken.

Abu el Abed's answer:
Walla abou 3afif allé inno l bayda btéjé abol, olna tamem heik l torwee2a betseer 7adra wel ghada byéjé ba3den w iza la2! 3al 3al, mnotrawwa2 foul w mnétghadda emm l abed. Hehehehe... Aslan bel ahwe serna 3am nbee3 beid b awirmeh, wlak eh eh, b ahwetna, ahwet l 2ojez (=2zez), shou olto? Mro2o, tollo :)

Nadim Mhanna's answer:
A3ezé2na el mouchéhidine, fina nchouf enno el aerodynamisme bi formit el bayda bet khaliya smooth aktar 3al zefét, hiyyeh w 3am tékrouj nzoul... hal chi ... biya3té autonomie akbar lal bayda, w understeering w oversteering a2al 3al kwe3...
Amma l djejeh, fal mou7arrek taba3a bi indifé3 ejreya el tnen byaatiya suspension sebteh, w tos7i7 bi khatt el masar iza charadit...
Which came first and won the podium ? el jaweib bi 7al2it Télé-Auto el jom3a el jeyé,téb3ouna.

Grognon's answer:
Moi ... je n'aime pas les oeufs !

Omar Karami's answer:
Ya3neh bel 7a2i2aaaaaaaa, ne7na ilnéloun inno el bayda ijet bel awwal... bass ma baddoun! Lizalikaaaaa ad3ou ila istikalat al 7oukoumahh .....

Noah's answer:
Of course chicken came first... I put it myself in the ark, and at that time, we were not accepting egg couples to go on board.

Pierre Gemayel's answer:
Bi hemmna el naw3iyyeh mouch el kammiyyeh... el djejeh ahamm men el bayda, el djejeh masi7iyyeh men lebnen! el bayda ma khel2et ba3ed ta na3ref eza meselmeh aw masi7iyyeh... bet 7eb lebnen? 7eb djejo!

Rayess Bek's answer:
Chou hal sou2al chou? w inta mfakkar hallak chou? cha3b hmarrrr... We2fit hayeté bi hal no2ta! mennon btetla3 hararté! ana men beirut, jeyé men beirut, w ekhir hammé iza el bayda men beirut aw el djejé men beiruuuuut... jeyé men BAYROUUUT ana men BAYROUTTT bi hal madiné fik terba bi hal madiné fik tmout! Bayda aw djejé, chou hal khabriyé? ma hada 3endo adiyé, kelkon sat7iyé, metel aflem el mexikiyé, inta w djejtak w 3am ekht set jed okht li khalafouk 3ala jed ekht set akhou li basarouk. Hal mawadi3 sakar rassé, sort 3am bi di3 ...bi damro hayetna hek, ma hada byes2al chou bek! Ma musique j'roule avec, wlik essmé Rayess Bek, w iza mech 3ejbak fik trouh ten*** !!!!

Gollum's answer:
"Hmmm i see, the chicken ? the egg ? its MINE !!! its alll for meeeeeeee !!!! i'll gets the answer, i will gets it, you'll see...it's MINE !!!

Popeye's answer:
*laughs* Egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg.....!

Georges W Bush's answer:
U asked a question, and i will answer if u don't mind... u most understand that i'm a war president who promotes peace and freedom... listen no one cares about chicken and eggs more than i do, but what i'm telling u is that it's gonna require big security measures and we r working on security measures... what u should be angry about is that there was a brutal dictator there in iraq that had destroyed lives and put them in mass graves and had weapons of mass destruction, he posed a threat that the united nations voted unanimously for me to promote democraty in the world... this is why i'm going to slaughter all the chicken and smash all the eggs so that both the chiken and eggs be able to live in peace and freedom in the new democratic world...

Capitaine Haddock's answer:
Oser poser une question pareille?! Mille millions de mille sabords de tonnere de Brest! Qui pense encore a ca? Especes de Bachi-bouzouks, bougres de cornichons, violents, hypocrites, ornithorynques, concierges, barbares, goinfres, gros-plein-de-soupe, va-nu-pieds, pirates, ectoplasmes, sangliers, pachydermes, philantropes, autocrates, profiteurs... euh... sauvages!!!!

Kurt Cobain's answer:
I wish I was like you, easily amused... What's that damn question?! It smells like teen spirits! I hate myself and I wanna die!!!! I don't care about chickens and eggs as long as they come as they are, as they were, as I want them to be... Don't eat chicken, but it's okay to eat fish because they don't have any feelings..... What else should I write, I don't have the right!

Mariah Carey's answer:
"Ayyyyy giv' my Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllll , to have just one more Egg with youuuuuuhouuuuu." Well, euhm... as long as the Chiken is "Emancipated" ... who cares !

Oprah Winfrey's answer:
Now hear me here sisters, it don matter which came first, egg or chicken, s'long as people finally admit it was african-american! weeeeewwwwww!! (clap-clap, give out free books,free laptops, go home take off tons of make-up)

Iznogood's answer:
J'espère bien que ce soit la poule; je la prendrais au mage de Baghdad pour la transformer en poule magique, ansi, elle pondra des oeufs en or en quantité, et je deviendrais riche... ensuite, je confisquerais toutes les poules du sultanat... et je les fais empaler. Le calife n'aura plus d'omelette au petit-déjeuner, alors il mourra... et je serais CALIFE A LA PLACE DU CALIFE !