Thursday, May 24, 2012

tonight it is #hamra

seems hamra got lit up with some fighting from some gang who took some egyptian hostage because some girl upset her lover so he went on a rampage in beirut fighting the army


Monday, May 21, 2012

what needs to be done now on the civic level

Due to the growing tensions after the killing of a sheikh in the North of the country (sheikh abdel wahed)  Some armed groups thought it is fine to just spread violence through lebanon starting from tripoli and akkar areas reaching Tareeq Jdideh beirut through the night ...

Facebook statuses and tweets varied from giving updated info on what is happening on the ground, uploading videos when available  and off course New TV installing their camera on a rooftop of a building and having it as live surveillance all night , so people like myself living abroad feel home , upset, worried and tied up feeling useless.

that is in short

Now the thinking behind this : WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE ?

have a gay parade ?

an art exhibition?

a cabaret evening ?

a magnum champagne?

We need to reach the real people on the ground , the masses and not the 'so called' privileged educated lebanese society , which is in fact a very rare species , we need to look for the people who are making this noise , and who are carrying the weapons ...

if GOD or Syria or ARAB summer what they want we need to talk sense to them ,
we need to tackle the stupid dangerous media too...

Groups have to be formed from all walks of life immediately and draft a plan for awareness on all levels : campaign against media sectarian flare ups , we need to campaign outside mosques , churches , all kinds of houses of God / Gods  , community centres , we need to call up scouts associations , green associations , any NGO dealing with anything lebanese and starting to have a massive awareness for the masses
yes the masses the people who will make a difference ... yes we do not want 100 thousand people walking the streets , we need the millions , and all kinds ... with one message , one flag , one nation... we r one nation with differences , we should cherish and respect differences ...

Ziad Rahbani - History of Lebanon

Ziad Rahbani's philosophy on the Lebanese war

Our history is punished !

#Ziad Rahbani's philosophy on the #Lebanese #war
#beirut (arabic)

#beirut Big Brother

this is how i will be watching over you #beirut from the rooftop of some building ...
live from beirut to london.

30 min or so later... 
i better go to bed as i am starting to have my nervous tick
on my beloved city. arghhh u make me mad u city!!!!

so can someone explain #beirut? TONIGHT !

is this what we wanted since the so called end of war ?

i do believe this is all a little circus and it would cool down but i might be wrong , but what i see on twitter and fb as messages and statuses and what i am watching on youtube makes me believe it is going for a hot summer really hot ones with some bbqued tyres to keep people breathing the right amount of death.

here are the first episodes of today's clashes from one 'citizen' oh yea : he is a reporter now !

#beirut Part 1
#beirut Part 2
#beirut Part 3

Sunday, May 20, 2012

#beirut tonight and maybe not the last night .

so what is happening in lebanon?

street fighting as i am writing is flaming into narrow streets of my beloved city. what a hate love relationship i have with this country tfeh.

why are we stuck in this mentality , where is order? where is real faith in this ?