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Lebanon  has implemented a smoking ban ! YES ! finally ...
like everything in lebanon it will be a reason for more anger , people who claim they are being punished by the government and getting more pressured to become extremely more angry thus creating more friction leading to some kind of fight or struggle.

Blaming Syria, the heat , electricity cuts , unemployment and smoking ban to their miseries!!! The lebanese have endured long years of corruption , still enduring and might endure worse times to come with all the shakiness of the neighbouring countries as we like to always make sure we are part of any dispute around, we are good at it and we love blagging about how corrupt we are and how criminal our politicians are without being able to do any change, we have reached the level of laziness and corruption that is so hard to pull a whole nation from.

It is the first summer i hear people winge so much , usually expats go back to lebanon for the summer and talk so much about how amazing times they had ,  ALAS! not this year as it is becoming unbearable with no electricity , army everywhere , tension o the borders , kidnappings left and right with no agenda , just for the sake of making the news as citizen journalism turn into another form of corrupt media , each criminal has his own channel again! like good old war days!!!

HEY WAKE UP !!!!! WE HAVE TO MOVE FWD , we should be working on reconciliation and planning a better future ... why are we just lost constantly???? why do we always have to follow some dickhead!

anyways back to banning smoking in lebanon which in itself sounds an amazing achievement for one reason at least : it was done due the the efforts of civil society NGOS ! yes the giv listened to its citizens ! impressive ... though some will argue that the gov implemented the ban just to make people more angry! and helps it financially by reducing medical bills ! how is that wrong , when our loved ones stop dying due to smoking? I understand the other side that says: well the government never paid for my medical cover!!! yea ok will never make anyone happy!!!

i would like to end my blog with some of the FACEBOOK STATUSES in the last couple of days that dealth with smoking ban plus some pics posted on twitter too :



So I went out tonight... first day of the ban on smoking law... i was in Timeout... everyone was sitting on the terrace... seriously... EVERYONE. there was only one table of two, ONE TABLE, inside. wouldn't it have made more sense if this couple stayed outside and we all sat inside and smoked? absurd.

Day 2 No Smoking Beirut...I advice everyone to remain home for their safety...due to lack of Nicotine in the system everybody is acting CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY...:-P

To  all my smoker comrades... Don't give in to the body-fascists 

The best Rafik Majzoub decided to talk about the ban in his own creative way 

What is Law 174 - No Smoking Lebanon? It is a law that officially makes all closed public places in Lebanon smoke free. For more information, check out:http://www.tobaccocontrol.gov.lb/Legislation/Documents/Law%20english%20pdf.pdf

Yesterday night picture.
The terrace @danyshamra just got bigger. #Hamra #smoking #outdoor http://t.co/Veyk1h8r

Stavro's reaction

and some decided to tell non smokers that they will die anyways 

some tweets included :

People complaining about the long overdue smoking ban inLebanon make it very easy for me to not want to be their friend anymore.

To distract the people: impose public smoking ban!! 

Lebanon smoking ban takes effect, sparking anger - Yahoo! News UK  via  But kidnapping continues!

Protests in Lebanon over the new public smoking ban, as health concerns clash with cultural traditions 

Linking the smoking ban to all other 's problems is irrelevant. If we could solve 1 problem out of 1000 we should do it

Cigarette smoke in Lebanon bothers me, but I know this smokingban isn't sincere, just another way to show gov't is "modernizing"Lebanon.

To People complaining about the smoking ban law in Lebanondemanding to fix other more important issues. Enno chou khas hay bi hay?!?!

"It's a weird country, Lebanon. It is forbidden to smoke, but kidnapping people is allowed." 

On an entirely different note: it is strange 2 C crowds of smokers in beirut forced 2 light up in street on day 1 of  smoking ban

The state in Lebanon is using the smoking ban as a test. If it works, it might experiment with a ban on private ownership of heavy weapons.

5 minutes in a pub and I smell like an ash tray! Can't wait for thatsmoking ban bill to start on sept 3rd   

LAW 174

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