Tuesday, July 10, 2012

my friend Bassel

I met my friend Bassel  in Beirut.

Bassel is a gentle soul with a great smile.

He is syrian, a warm person and i had no idea what he does , i knew that we just clicked the day we met...

He had to be detained to know more about his genius in open web developing and how proud his country must be of him.

Unfortunately his country is SYRIA , and syria does not like IT people i assume thinking it is all linked to revolution work etc... COME ON ! how can a country go through an uprising and change totally only on computers ??

tell me!

Seriously DO you think by writing couple of blogs or tweeting u r dangerous?

Bassel never really tweeted , he was a CC guy , a volunteer into open web/ Mozilla dude ; due to his arrest i learnt how good he was and how many people and souls and hearts he has touched!

everyone who speaks about him mentions the words: gentle, nice , genius, dedicated, loving,
smart ,warm and sweet .... ALL THOSE ADJECTIVES MUST MEAN SOMETHING NO ????

look at this face , focus deep into his eyes and you see a free man , please set bassel free
sign his petition : www.freebassel.org , tweet him #freebassel add him @freebassel fb him: freebasselsafadi account.


A video about CC arabia / #syria

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